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The brain only retains information it finds to be useful and interesting. We foster exploration and discovery. Each day is dedicated to a subject so we can focus our attention and learn concepts through the different learning styles. We utilize different settings (field trips anyone?) to keep learning exciting. We enable kids to be future leaders, if they so choose to be, because we develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills.

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Social-Emotional learning

Social and emotional learning teaches your child interpersonal skills including listening, conflict management, team building, problem solving and communication skills. Further,  emotional intelligence and emotion regulation skills, including the Emotional Freedom Technique, are also instructed. We provide social-emotional learning throughout the week and have an official “class” once weekly.

physical activity + social time

A child’s physical body and interpersonal skills are built via group exercises that develop body awareness, physical agility, and core strength. Interpersonal skills are naturally incited within the group atmosphere and social-emotional connections are developed. Restorative correction is provided on an as-needed basis to foster interpersonal skills and a healthy communal environment.

Outdoor area!

Raising Future Leaders


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